Check postfix queue

To check the Postfix mail queue on a Unix-like system, you can use the postqueue or mailq command. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Using postqueue:

    Open your terminal and run the following command to view the Postfix mail queue:

    postqueue -p

    This command will display a list of emails currently in the Postfix mail queue. You will see the queue ID, size, and sender/recipient addresses.

  2. Using mailq:

    Alternatively, you can use the mailq command, which is a symbolic link to postqueue. It produces the same result:


    This command provides a similar output to postqueue -p, listing the emails in the queue.

  3. Viewing Specific Queue (Optional):

    If you want to view the contents of a specific queue, you can specify the queue name with the -q option. For example:

    postqueue -p -q deferred

    This command will show only the deferred mail queue.

To remove messages from the queue, you can use the postsuper command. Be cautious when removing messages from the queue, as it can result in email loss. Only remove messages if you are certain they are no longer needed or are causing issues.

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